The 401(k) Listening Post Releases Report Documenting The Success of Just-in-time Participant Communication

August 3, 2021 - East Windsor, CT – The 401(k) Listening Post is pleased to release a report documenting the success of just-in-time communications to defined contribution plan participants.

The report titled “Now means NOW!” is posted here.

Historically, plan sponsors have relied on a calendar of communication campaigns and education meetings directed to all participants regardless of need to fulfill their fiduciary responsibility. During the COVID-19 pandemic, retirement plan service providers discovered that electronic communications delivered to participants when they need it are more effective than the traditional methods. To demonstrate fiduciary responsibility in 2021 and beyond, plan sponsors need to modulate the experience of participants according to the needs of each” just-in-time”, with communications triggered by specified “events”. Replacing periodic blanket participant education and communication campaigns with on-demand communications delivered to targeted recipients as soon as or whenever required can help deliver superior retirement outcomes.

Just-in-time communication is the way of the future.  Who wants to be left behind in an age when participants equipped with handheld devices increasingly rely on in-app notifications to run all aspects of their lives? Plan sponsors who include employee email address and cell phone numbers in the periodic data feed  at every pay period find themselves with a competitive advantage in a tight labor market.” says Mr. Eric Henon, Executive Director of The 401(k) Listening Post.

The VIEWPOINT illustrates the efficacy of just-in-time communications with four case studies contributed by participating firms. In one situation, the firm learned that virtual education is more effective than on-site education at changing participant behavior. Not only were participants who attended virtual sessions satisfied with the meeting (82%) and the educator (87%), they were more likely to act after a virtual meeting than after an in-person session, and 79% reported they better understand the resources to take action.

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